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Co-Author, Gold Standard EFT Tutorial

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EFT is reported to work wonders on physical discomfort. Even when the first few rounds of treatment don’t deliver relief, you can keep tapping until the underlying core issue comes forward. But what if you keep tapping and more physical symptoms show up?

I was contacted recently by a woman who has been seeing an EFT practitioner for a physical pain, but instead of relief for that, she was seeing new symptoms coming forward after each session. The practitioner was trying to start on the surface, tap on the symptom, and peel layers away until the core issue was revealed, but had no explanation for the new symptoms.

I asked her all my usual questions to see if I could help her understand what was happening. In just a few minutes, I found out that she was raised by an unavailable mother who eventually walked out of her life, she went through a difficult divorce in which her kids were awarded to her husband, and then she later lost her son in a tragic accident.

In addition, I discovered that the pain she was trying to address was a recurring earache, but she also had recurring bouts of hair loss and urethra irritation, so her physical symptoms were of a more chronic than incidental nature.

If there is one “core issue” for the earache, it was probably formed in childhood, and was probably also present in her marriage, as we usually choose partners who represent the issues we need to address. The divorce may have been the source of some new fears or beliefs, reinforced later by her mother walking away from her entirely. Then losing her son may have reinforced the pain created by losing kids in her divorce, and now we have several forms of chronic pain connected to several potential core issues.

This practitioner was trying to find one core issue connected to one physical pain. As she tapped on the surface and other pains came forward, they were trying to tell her that there is a much more chronic, widespread undercurrent to recognize here.

Meanwhile, the client reports that her life has been productive and meaningful, so she would not have seen the significance of her past experience, nor its connection to her chronic discomforts.

The moral of the story is that a client’s emotional makeup often has more than one core issue leading to one surface complaint. To make the most of your EFT practice, I recommend doing a more complete intake process to discover the extent of the underlying issues, as well as any additional symptoms that could respond to your EFT treatment before the target symptom shows relief. That way, when unexpected discomforts come forward, you will not only understand where they came from, you can create a much more complete strategy for healing your client’s issues.