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Please note: The Gold Standard EFT Certification Program is now closed and Tina Craig is no longer teaching EFT. The information and videos below will provide an introduction to EFT and help with your decision to work with any of the practitioners on our list.


The EFT Basics

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, combines the principles of traditional therapy with the ancient wisdom of acupuncture for a comprehensive body-mind healing tool.

The channels of energy running through the body, aka the meridian system, are disrupted any time we have an uncomfortable or traumatic experience. Those disruptions tend to stay lodged in the system, they accumulate with patterns of uncomfortable events, and will lead to the limiting beliefs and deeper issues that inhibit forward progress.

Instead of using needles, there are a handful of points we can tap with fingertips to re-balance the energy channels. Traditional therapy strives to change what happens in the mind, but until the disruption is removed from the body, the obstacle remains. EFT will produce shifts in the mind and body at the same time for a complete emotional healing process.

Since it was introduced in the early 90’s, EFT has been extremely popular, well researched, and has provided relief to millions of people for a huge variety of emotional, physical and performance issues.


Gold Standard EFT 

While general EFT knowledge and variations are widely available online, Gold Standard EFT is the version created by the Founder, Gary Craig. This approach promotes freedom from current issues by clearing events in the past rather than treating symptoms on the surface.  For any client with a troublesome childhood, clearing these events is a challenge. However, with the right skills and a dedicated approach, it changes lives. 

Diagnosed cases of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Addictions almost always include a traumatic childhood, so the benefit in truly clearing the impact of those events is obvious to any experienced professional. However, any human who has been on this planet for a few decades or more is probably carrying around a backlog of smaller traumas that lead to limiting beliefs, chronic pain, relationship challenges and compromised happiness.

By clearing events completely, we see spontaneous, genuine cognitive shifts in almost every session, so there is no need to try "installing" them with positive language.  The symptoms and presenting issues show significant  improvement as a direct result of clearing past trauma, and we confirm that for ourselves and our clients with a uniquely objective approach to testing.  

There are definite uses for surface tools and we incorporate them accordingly. However, we find that an abundance of surface tools and positive affirmation can show false signs of progress that are ultimately temporary.  Gold Standard EFT is about lasting results, so we focus our energy at the source and don't spend much time on the surface.