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My EFT Background

From 2005 - 2015, I had the extraordinary honor of working alongside Gary Craig, the Founder of EFT....who is also my Dad. My contribution to began as the events coordinator running the 400+ person workshops where we filmed the Serious Diseases and Mastering EFT training videos. I expanded into marketing support, graphic design, communications, and inventory management, then eventually became Director of Training, where I made my biggest contribution.

As more and more people learned EFT, we discovered that while allowing it to be passed around without restriction was a wonderful gift to the world, it was not promoting the kind of professional quality or consistency we hoped to see. The training videos were based on Dad demonstrating his most masterful skills, but they were not communicating all the steps he took to get there. Fortunately, I was in a unique position to translate.

His refinements came from all the individual skills he had developed on his own path, and because I was along for most of that ride, I could easily see how to break his masterful approach down into teachable parts. I was able to convert the videos into much better teaching tools by adding tutorials and study guides, then went a step further by designing and directing our online certification program at

Eventually we created Gold Standard EFT to distinguish his version from all the variations and creative approaches out there, and we co-authored the Gold Standard EFT Tutorial as a comprehensive online resource to teach EFT to the public as he originally intended. As a result, I have developed my own masterful specialty in teaching the mechanics of EFT.

"Tina has been working by my side for many years and has been instrumental in creating ways to teach what I do. She has her own background in personal improvement and a unique insight into the perspectives that I employ in my EFT application. When it became clear that we needed to improve the EFT instruction, Tina modeled me (in NLP terms) better than I thought anyone could and has isolated my refinements into individual parts that are much easier to teach."

Gary Craig, Founder of EFT

About my role at

In 2010, I had the opportunity to design a certification program for ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Psychology. I started with all the material I had designed for the program and developed it further into a complete professional training. Since then, I have been teaching and mentoring licensed mental health professionals to use EFT with their diagnosed cases, as well as other healing and wellness practitioners to make the most of EFT for their clients.

By 2015, my adventure with ACEP was complete, and Dad took further into the spiritual realm with his latest development, Optimal EFT. My greatest passion still lies with Gold Standard EFT and promoting high quality professional practice, so my ever-expanding curriculum is now available here in my own Gold Standard EFT Training and Certification Program. 

  • - Events Coordinator, Marketing and Graphic design, Administration and Communications. (2005 - 2015)
  • - Director of Training (2008-2015)
  • ​ - Director, EFT Academic Certification Program (2008-2010)
  • Co-Author, Gold Standard EFT Tutorial at (pub. 2012)
  • Director, ACEP EFT Certification Program (2010 - 2015)
  • Director, Gold Standard EFT Training and Certification Program (2015 - present)
  • Master Practitioner, Gold Standard EFT (2006 - present)

In addition to the time I spend directing the certification program, I maintain a practice full of challenging, courageous clients so that I can keep exploring the possibilities and developing my own skills.

You can see a full length session at EFT in Action

In addition to my EFT background, I also have a BA in Business Economics, and a combined 20 years of experience in Investment Management, Marketing, and Business Development.


My Approach to Training

Developing individual skills is very important to solid EFT delivery, but I also strive to give practitioners a deeper understanding of the process so they can make more educated decisions on their own.  Once you are alone with your clients, challenges will present themselves. Rather than making up a solution that may draw on other methods or training, this program will give you the ability to make those decisions based on Gold Standard EFT philosophy.

Teaching this level of expertise requires going deeper into each tool, understanding the goals, recognizing the challenges, and weighing an assortment of options.  I could create a much longer list of topics to cover in each segment, but I have found that trying to do too much at once will compromise the depth and quality of the instruction. My approach is deeper and more focused, but actually results in a wider scope of expertise.

I am a fan of a teaching style called Accelerated Learning which promotes an experiential, creative, learning environment, and I combine that with a traditional approach.  Wherever possible, I will put you in situations and provide exercises that promote the deepest conceptual learning.  Our interaction will be largely one-on-one so I am also able to explain the goals of my approaches whenever there is a question.


My Own Healing Journey

I was raised in an environment of growth and possibility. I went to my first personal improvement workshop with my Dad when I was only 16, and I was walking on fire with Tony Robbins by the time I was in college. I received Wayne Dyer books for Christmas, and I found my greatest pleasure in being the best person I could be.

I continued my journey as an adult and thrived in leadership training, but have also found that yoga, nature, and energy healing are essential for maintaining my own balance. I started my deeper personal work with a Barbara Brennan healer and continued it with EFT, but have been exposed as a client to a wide variety of alternative healing methods as well.

I can communicate telepathically with both animals and humans through training, practice and natural ability.  Developing that skill has helped me gain even greater insight into my own healing path, and enhances my connection to clients in session.