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Mastering the EFT Mechanics

To most people, EFT is a set of tapping points and some inspirational language that can provide relief in just a few rounds...but it isn't always that easy. 

When people get stuck, the most common question is “What language can I use to fix my problem?”

The answer? Not better language...better mechanics.

If tapping points and simple language aren’t delivering the results you want, then the issues behind the problem are more complex. I’ve spent the majority of my EFT experience immersed in the hardest possible cases, mentoring licensed mental health professionals, and exploring how far EFT can really go. In helping the people who really need a transformation to move forward, it’s the mechanics of EFT that have provided all the power. Language is clearly a prominent tool, but it is far more powerful when you know how to use it, combine it with all the other EFT skills, and apply it to the most effective targets.

My programs teach a step-by-step, methodical version of EFT focused on masterful mechanics and intended for deeper, more complex issues. It represents all of my work in developing Gold Standard EFT, all my enhancements that convert a general online Tutorial into professional instruction, and my personal insight for working with difficult cases.

Compared to other versions, here are some of the training features you will find in this program.

  • Enhanced Mechanics  -  Understand the real purpose of skills like being specific, effective questioning, choosing targets, and managing client focus to get the most out of each round.
  • Purposeful Language -  Is your language intended to promote safety? To trigger more intensity? Manage your client’s focus? Choose language for each round that accomplishes a purpose.
  • Structure and Organization  -  Working with emotional issues is not usually organized or predictable. Conducting a structured, organized EFT process will maximize safety and enhance progress.
  • Containment Strategies  -  When the past is especially traumatic or complicated, containment of your tapping targets is essential.
  • Insightful Testing  -  What exactly are you testing at the end of each round? Does the client’s intensity report measure what you think it’s measuring? What is the best strategy when the intensity rating is stuck or bouncing around? Be more deliberate with your testing skill for more useful, reliable reports.
  • Preframe Strategies  -  Master talking points specific to EFT that can help your client get more out of the process.
  • EFT Ethics  -  We have always said “don’t go where you don’t belong”, which means choosing clients whose backgrounds are suited to your level of expertise. This Ethics course will provide those guidelines as well as appropriate professional conduct and client care.  
  • EFT Treatment Plan - Integrate high quality EFT into any therapy or healing practice with a treatment plan that demonstrates how EFT is methodically contributing to your client’s healing goals.

Mastering the mechanics of EFT will put a new student on the right path for best results, and can completely transform an existing practice even for those with years of EFT experience. 

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