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EFT for Friends and FamilyWhenever we have something to work through, like a challenge at work or an upset in a relationship, we turn to friends and family. You may have been holding the hands of those you love as they work through their issues as long as you can remember. Why not add a little EFT into the conversation and provide some relief from the struggle? That's how so many EFT enthusiasts end up considering formal training.

The EFT for Friends and Family Course will take you beyond the basic skills and give you a variety of tools to help you deliver EFT results with others.

However, as soon as we shift from holding someone's hand to conducting some kind of intervention, we leave the role of a friend and step into the role of a healer, which carries a greater level of responsibility. It may be hard to see the difference between the talking you do with your friend and the talking a therapist might do, but remember that a therapist is trained to talk in particular ways, and their work is licensed and regulated because of the responsibility it carries.

Success with EFT is largely based on matching the difficulty of the issue with the appropriate EFT skill. Just like we wouldn't take a broken bone to a massage therapist or ask a dental assistant to perform a root canal, be aware that there are some challenges that may not match your level of skill at this point. Choosing appropriate "clients" will set you up for success and keep you from getting in over your head. 

Work with people whose lives are fulfilling in general, and want help with minor, occasional challenges. An ideal candidate will function well at work, be interested in the world, be comfortable in social situations, and have healthy relationships. People like this will present you with issues that are situational, rather than long term.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Here are some examples of issues that will respond well to the brand new level of EFT skill that you will develop in the EFT for Friends and Family Course.

If it's limited to one particular situation, you will have the best chance of success. When issues have long term histories, it's better to wait on those until you have more experience, or refer them to our list of trained practitioners.

Believe it or not, most people find a way to make it through the world without revealing their emotional challenges, even to themselves. Unless someone has become aware of their own emotional makeup or has spent time with a therapist, they may not have any idea that they are more compromised than the average, or that the difficulties in their past may be considered traumatic.

Wait for More Training

The list below will help you recognize some of the more obvious signs of issues too significant for you to take on.

These issues will be much more appropriate for you once you have completed the Certified Practitioner Training or Certified Advanced Training, so if you really love helping others resolve their issues, you can keep building experience and working toward bigger challenges.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of healthy people out there who can benefit greatly from EFT – go find them!


EFT for Friends and Family Course

The EFT for Friends and Family Course will give you just the right level of skill to start using EFT with others safely AND effectively. You'll learn a variety of tools and approaches designed to start at the surface of the issue and dig deeper into the cause, following new insights as they appear. You'll complete exercises with the people you choose, and connect with me on coaching calls to discuss your approaches and keep you on track for the best possible results. Once complete, you can practice with friends and family as the need arises, or you can expand your circle with referrals, continue your training, and build your way into a new practice.

Start small and see where it takes you!


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