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Certified Practitioner of Gold Standard EFT

David Thorpe, MBAcC LicAc GSEFT

Acupuncture Excellence

General Practice, Specializing in:

  • Phobias
  • Anxiety
  • Performance Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Issues

Contact Info:

Wimpole Therapeutics 2 Wimpole Street London, Marylebone, GB W1G 0ED

Website Telephone

07949 150 682Timezone: Europe/London

Five Element Acupuncture and GSEFT Practitioner

I offer GSEFT in support of my acupuncture work. Before I did the certified training with Tina Craig I had been using “energy tapping” for many years and was being drawn more and more to work in the way that is taught by Tina.I found that Tina’s guidance and instruction increased my focus and success with using GSEFT.
I completely value my work as a Five Element Acupuncturist and achieve great results in helping patients with anxiety, phobias, depression, trauma as well as the accepted help in improving the functions of the body – from pain relief to improving various health conditions. 
While I have used GSEFT solely to help patients with anxiety, digestive issues and phobia I use it more in in conjunction with specific acupuncture patients. I have found a great adjunct to my practise when a patient has 2 or 3 events in their life, which are highlighted in the initial consultation. 
I do work with individuals with GSEFT solely but my expertise is using it in addition and as a supportive tool for my acupuncture practise. I even had a couple of patients who had been referred to me but lived in another country. They were both going to travel to see me at my London clinic. In both cases I assessed their needs and we carried the sessions out by skype only. Both benefited greatly from the work with one of the patients being a complete sceptic and was amazed by the results.
For someone who has many repeated events from childhood or who is suffering from PTSD or a severe trauma my preference is to work with that person with Five Element Acupuncture. 
Below is a link to Tina’s website which gives a comprehensive explanation of GSEFT. A simplified explanation is that you recall a particular event and while working through the event tap on acupuncture points (hence my connection) which bring down any emotional or physical reaction which the memory of the event creates. 
A big Thank you to Tina for her valuable instruction. I highly recommend her practitioner training.


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