Professional Skills in Official EFT

Tina Craig

Co-Author, Gary's Official EFT Tutorial

Director, ACEP EFT Certification Program

Professional EFT Certification with ACEP

Here's where we see how far EFT can really go!

With the release of Gary's Official EFT Tutorial (www.garythink.com), we now have an updated, completely overhauled version of EFT that includes all the refinements that the Founder himself had been developing for the last 15 years. The general public can still learn and apply it for themselves, but with the right training, you can take EFT much farther in your practice than most people can go on their own.

By designing and directing this certification program with ACEP, I have been able to expand that instruction into a comprehensive training program for professionals that will allow you to provide the kind of EFT service that really makes a difference. The process includes:

With all my years of experience designing EFT instruction alongside its Founder, this program is as close to the source as you can get. Our goal is to raise the bar for professionalism in EFT, and you’re welcome to join us!

Here are helpful links below for more information or you are welcome to email me with your questions.

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