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Build an EFT PracticeBy the time you are listed as a Certified EFT Practitioner on this website, you will have enough training in EFT to handle a wide variety of issues AND enough experience to conduct your practice like a true professional. If you are just getting started and do not have an established practice in healing or self-improvement, here are the steps:

Start with the EFT for Friends and Family Course.

It will give you a nice variety of tools and approaches as well as a very strong foundation for professional EFT skills. The Course includes exercises and mentoring so you can try everything you learn, and ask questions as you go. This Course provides a similar scope of instruction to a weekend EFT workshop, but with more practice hours and customized professional guidance at each step.

You will earn a Certificate of Completion as evidence that you have completed a course with practice hours and individual mentoring that you can show to anyone interested in your credentials.

Start using EFT with others.

Any new EFT practitioner will be starting with people they know as “clients” or volunteers, so you can too. Once you feel comfortable, you can expand your circle with friends of friends or other referrals. 

Continued Support

For continued support, you can purchase packages of coaching calls so you can continue to ask questions as you go. Including these calls in your process will sharpen your skills and provide more confidence as you move into new territory.

Experience Counts

You can have all the certifications in the world, but experience is what really counts. In this program, formal certification is only available to those who have an established practice and at least 500 hours of experience with clients in a healing or coaching capacity. But anyone who really wants to practice high quality EFT can get there.

When you feel comfortable enough to offer your service to a new circle of people, you can put flyers up at wellness clinics, yoga classes, churches, community clubs, and other places where healthy people would gather. Offering a first session free, or some kind of discount would make it easier to accumulate the hours you need.


Since EFT was introduced, people have been learning it in a free, unstructured way and there has never been any requirement from the Founder that anyone have formal credentials to practice EFT. The EFT for Friends and Family Course training will provide you with enough supervised instruction to have confidence in your skills and the ongoing support calls will strengthen your skills even further.

However, if you are apprehensive about offering your services without formal certification, you might consider pursuing a credential as a life or wellness coach. A coaching program will teach you more about working with clients in general and would be a nice compliment to the EFT training you already have.

If you have other training or credentials, you can advertise those as well to support your qualifications.


While you are still learning to use EFT effectively with others, you may prefer to offer your services for free or for a nominal fee. It will be easier to rack up practice hours and gain the experience you need if your fees aren’t an obstacle. Once you notice that potential clients are finding you, that would be the best time to consider charging more. 


Charging a fixed rate usually goes hand in hand with establishing a professional marketing presence. If you can have a business card and direct people to a simple website, that can enhance your professional image quite a bit.

Before you take this step, be sure you have met the requirements of your local authorities in regard to business licenses and be sure you are legally allowed to practice EFT before you put marketing and fees in place.

Professional Training

Once you have accumulated 500 hours with friends, family, referrals and actual clients, you’re ready to start your professional training, demonstrate your skills, complete your formal certification. With a quick upgrade process, you can skip Professional Skills I and move on to Professional Skills II.

Keep in mind, this represents general healing experience with clients, so any hours you spend coaching or using other modalities with clients also counts. Document your hours however it makes sense for you.

Professional Skills II

Professional Skills II is a six month process with a coaching call each month. Between calls you should be doing an average of 10 sessions, so you'll need a constant flow of clients in your practice. 


The final step is demonstrating your skills on video, and getting your final 50 hours of practice.


EFT for Friends and Family Course

Becoming a professional in the field of emotional health is a big decision, but helping your friends, family, and clients find relief will be worth every step.  If you're not sure you want the entire journey but just want to try it out, that's fine! You can take the Course, then see where it takes you.

I am excited to help anyone use EFT more effectively and responsibly with others, so let me know what your goals are and let's get started!


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