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In this program, certification can be completed entirely from your location - there's no need to assume the travel expenses of a workshop. To be sure that your training is complete, the mentoring and consultation portions take a more prominent role. The result is a personalized training process where your individual questions are answered as you gain experience and confidence with your own clients. 

ELIGIBILITY: This program is for experienced professionals. You don't have to have a license in mental health but you do need to have a practice in the healing field, preferably one that allows you to talk with clients about their past. Beginning practitioners can start with the Friends and Family course. Please email me with questions about eligibility.


Certified Practitioner Training - 4 Steps

APPLICATION FEE                  $99
STEP 1: Professional Skills I Course $199
(With knowledge of the appropriate skills, this step can be skipped by anyone who has attended a workshop elsewhere or has previous EFT experience.)

STEP 2: Professional Skills II Course $249

STEP 3: EFT Ethics Course $99
(Required only for practitioners without a license in mental health)

STEP 4: Video Consultation - CP Level Range $700-$1200


Once Video Consultation is complete, you will earn your Certification. 
Complete cost of certification ranges from $1050 - $1850 depending on previous training, existing credentials, and mastery of skill.
Can be completed in as little as six months.

​All other training steps include a Certificate of Completion, and can be completed without committing to consultation.​

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"There is a lot more to know about EFT than just where to tap. Through Tina Craig’s rigorous certification training I have learned skills that make a huge difference in how I am able to help clients. Even though there are a lot of EFT variations in the world, Gold Standard EFT really does set the standard for quality.  I don’t use anything else, and my clients really experience the difference!"

Kay Christopher, GS-EFT Advanced Practitioner 


Certified Advanced Practitioner Training - 3 Steps

Step 1: Prerequisite Certified Gold Standard EFT Practitioner

APPLICATION FEE                  $99


Building on our Tell the Story Technique foundation, we continue to clear events in special circumstances and manage highly traumatic memories. We enhance results and containment with intentional language skills and work with challenged clients as a whole. With the Advanced skills, licensed professionals will have a powerful tool kit for many of the cases in their practice (Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Addictions).

​Practice new skills as you learn them and get regular, individualized support on the coaching calls. The support material and study guide translate the Gold Standard EFT Tutorial into Advanced professional skills for your practice.  Includes PDF Study Guide, online and written material, video demos and 5 group coaching calls.

  • Understanding the client landscape
  • Navigating through complex backgrounds
  • Clearing events without details
  • Clearing intensity from extreme trauma
  • Working with events that are hard to access
  • Accessing emotional issues through physical pain
  • Intentional language
  • Containment skills
  • Advanced testing methods
  • Testing Tabletops

Completion requires attendance and participation on five group coaching calls and 50 hours of practice with Advanced Tools submitted on forms provided. Unlicensed practitioners will need 100 hours of practice.


​Powerful one-on-one coaching to further enhance Advanced Practitioner skill and maximize results in your practice.

  • Submit sessions on video for individualized feedback (min 3 sessions)
  • Complete one written submission on the Gold Standard EFT process
  • All consultations are conducted by Tina Craig, Program Director.  Consultation fees are $125 per hour

​Certification will only be issued after consultation is complete. Complete cost of Advanced Certification ranges from $1299 - $1799 depending mastery of skill. Can be completed in as little as six months. ​


Kevin Soltani EFT"As an EFT Practitioner with many years of experience, I especially appreciated the opportunity to get complete, individual feedback on my skills.  The Gold Standard EFT  program is focused on truly important skills like specific events, solid testing, and purposeful language, and I found it highly valuable to develop myself further in that direction."

Kevin Soltani, Peak Performance Coach, GS-EFT Advanced Practitioner


​Fast Track to Advanced Certification

Prerequisite – Professional Skills I or previous EFT experience, Mental Health license and established practice

This option combines the first two levels into one for professionals who need the Advanced Level of skill.

Application Fee - $99
Professional Skills II -    $250
Advanced Professional Skills  -    $500
CAP FAST TRACK Consultation –   $1500 (est)
Can be completed in 9 months.
Total Cost for Fast Track $2349 (est)
Save 3 months and up to $1000

Certified Master Practitioner                             

Coming soon!