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If you already have some experience using EFT on your own, and you're ready to help friends and family with their challenges, this is your next step. If you're new to the healing field and want to build an EFT practice, this is the course to get you started.  

With online instruction, demo videos, a workbook, an Ethics course, and coaching calls, we'll apply the skills from the Tutorial Parts 1 and 2 as you learn to work with others. This course can be completed from your location without the travel expenses of a workshop. Help the ones you love find relief on physical discomfort, emotional issues, and performance challenges.


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Course Details​


The Gold Standard EFT Tutorial Parts 1 and 2 are available, for review anytime. We'll focus on these tools and concepts:

  • EFT Basic Recipe
  • Constricted Breathing Techniques
  • Strategies for getting started
  • What to say in each tapping round
  • Aspects
  • Being Specific
  • Testing your results
  • Navigating through the issues
  • Tell the Story Technique
  • Personal Peace Procedure


The Workbook/Study Guide includes exercises to develop your skills, plus additional training material listed below for applying EFT to others. ​Provided by PDF download.

  • Introducing EFT to others
  • Introductory practitioner skills
  • Top-down approach
  • Working with daisy chains
  • Understanding emotional issues
  • Handling sudden intensity


Five group coaching calls are included in the price for support and questions.
Additional calls can be purchased if you would like more support. ($99 for five calls. To order, just email me.)
Calls are held monthly at various times to accommodate different schedules and time zones.


Understand scope of practice, client care, and professional conduct in the healing field. Material is provided in a PDF download with open book quiz to be submitted for grading. Minimum score 80%.


You apply for the course, and after we connect by email, I will send you an invoice that can be paid by PayPal account or credit card. Once your invoice for the course is paid, I will email you the Workbook/Study Guide in PDF format. There is a checklist in the workbook that will provide links and walk you through all the training material in the best order, provide worksheets for your practice exercises, and let you know when it's time to schedule a coaching call. There are five sections to the course, each with at least one exercise and a coaching call, and once you are complete, you will have brand new insights and powerful new tools to help your Friends and Family get the most out of EFT.

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