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Certified Advanced Practitioner of Gold Standard EFT

Sheran Mattson, PsyD, ACAP-EFT

Dynamic Life Coaching

General Practice, Specializing in:

  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • Body Image
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional Issues

Contact Info:

1701 S. Mill, Suite 103 Tempe, AZ, US 85281


My training required to attain a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology and ACAP-EFT Certification with an emphasis on diverse energy techniques provides me with a range of tools to draw upon to support individual needs. For years I assisted those going through major life transitions such as layoffs from executive corporate jobs, divorce, coming out of incarceration, and parenting teens without the benefit of using Gold Standard EFT. Now I am personally better able to assist people to get faster and longer lasting results.

I assist individuals and couples with the release of the pain of stress and implementing effective decision making during transitions in life including relationship issues, career struggles and overcoming emotional trauma that surfaces with being at a crossroad in life. Clients include teens, parents, couples and individuals who want to experience life with more joy, less pain and live life to the fullest.

My own life experience with overcoming and moving through family trauma, addictions, and relationship difficulties along with 20+ years as a career coach provides a wealth of understanding and resources to assist others. A 43 year marriage and two adult children and 3 granddaughters offer continued daily growth in dealing with life issues. I find that Gold Standard EFT makes a difference with every client and every life situation. My greatest joy is to have a client express appreciation for the new ease they experience in life and how they feel better prepared for the next challenges that will show up.

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