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Certified Advanced Practitioner of Gold Standard EFT

Jennifer Young, BSc (Hons), ACAP-EFT

Weigh Better

General Practice, Specializing in:

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Weight Loss
  • Eating Disorders
  • Body Image
  • Cravings

Contact Info:

Sunderland, North East England, GB Sunderland, North East, GB


I’m a HCPC registered dietitian who is very comfortable using the thorough techniques Gold Standard EFT has to offer when supporting clients target the early root causes of their nutritional issues using a holistic, collaborative and compassionate approach.  I delight in supporting clients achieve lasting, measurable results with conditions such as weight management, emotional eating, IBS and eating disorders, which often have emotional drivers.  I’m privileged to witness, with admiration, the transformation clients achieve when focused on embracing their own peace, power and possibilities.

I first encountered EFT around 15 years ago by a pioneering NHS employed Behavioural Psychotherapist in treating the PTSD I was suffering after a 60 miles per hour head on road traffic collisions (RTC), yes ouch!!

I was amazed by the results achieved in such a short space of time; almost miraculous when compared with the 8 sessions of CBT I’d had previously that hadn’t even rubbed the edges off.  After around 4 sessions of EFT the nightmares and flashbacks stopped, I was able to get back in a car as a passenger and driver, my pain had reduced and was sleeping much better; all things that had debilitated me in the months since the RTC.

Now these results fascinated me since I’d started my journey of emotional healing from a traumatic childhood some 10 years earlier.  I quickly realised using this new tool called EFT I’d been approaching my healing, like most people, on an intellectual level, rummaging around my own Pandora’s Box doing nothing more than stirring the hornets’ nest.  EFT became my go-to therapy which got me through my university exams, overcome stressful situation and people and similar such symptoms and situations.  However, like much of the EFT out there today, this was a symptoms attacking approach that achieved the 20% of relief Gary Craig discusses on the emofree website.

As a dietitian I see in my practice that many people who struggle with their weight, whether it’s being overweight, obese or eating disorders there’s more often than not an emotional source driving it forward.  Similarly with IBS and other digestive conditions, emotional upset can bring about instantaneous and debilitating symptoms.

It wasn’t until I thought about incorporating EFT into my dietetic private practice that I returned to the emofree website to investigate how the evidence-base had progressed and identify any certification training I could embark upon that would square this strange looking technique that achieves phenomenal results with the robust standards expected of the protected title of my dietetic profession.

I spent much of 2014 – 2015 honing my techniques by attending training programmes in Scotland and America alongside the wonderful support of Tina Craig in this outstanding professional programme called Gold Standard EFT.  I fell in love with EFT even more since this process of identifying early specific events, measuring their intensity and gently yet thoroughly clearing them out one event at a time struck both a personal and professional chord.  On a personal level I was completely clearing out those upsetting childhood events that I knew had been impacting on my relationships, health and career. Yay, my own personal peace was developing one specific event at a time.  From a professional stance it was ticking all of the scientific boxes by providing a reliable, consistent method of delivery and a clear strategy for measuring results in conjunction with the skills necessary to protect each client within an ethical, professional framework; Eureka!!!  There’s a robust scientifically designed evidence-base steadily growing, therefore look forward to the day this modality is included in NICE and SIGN Guidance. 

To date I’ve watched with admiration clients focused on embracing their own peace, power and possibilities.  Making the connection between their early upsetting events and their choices and behaviours of today summoning the determination to set themselves free of those limiting beliefs previously dragging them down and holding them back.

I’ve supported clients improve many aspects of their emotional and physical health.  This process can take time, especially for those with complex emotional histories, however everyone who commits to the process is repaid in spades.  When compared with the money people spend on quick fix diet products and programmes this is an investment in both your financial, health and emotional bottom lines!


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