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Certified Advanced Practitioner of Gold Standard EFT

Benjamin Schwarcz, LMFT, ACAP-EFT

General Practice, Specializing in:

  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Business
  • Performance Issues

Contact Info:

509 7th Street Santa Rosa, California, US 95401


Change Your Mind - Change Your Reality

Ben Schwarcz, MFT, (ACAP-EFT) is a Peak Performance Coach and Trauma Specialist. Ben has a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and has worked as a mental health professional in the SF Bay Area since 1991, as a counselor, coach, psychotherapist, and wilderness vision quest guide. Ben is an ACEP Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, and has conducted well over 5,000 EFT Tapping sessions with his clients since 2007. Ben has a long history and extensive experience with traditional forms of meditation, as well as training and certification in hypnosis to promote fertility. The rigorous training he received in Gold Standard EFT has enhanced and developed his skills in order to better help his clients to alleviate stress, anxiety, trauma and pain and to enjoy deeper states of peace and emotional health. Ben has a private practice in Santa Rosa, specializing primarily in trauma relief and peak performance.


  • Trauma Resolution / PTSD Treatment
  • Peak Performance in Work and Sports
  • Helping Entrepreneurs with Stress and Anxiety
  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Relationship Issues
  • Infertility Issues
  • Spiritual Issues
  • Speaking Engagements


Getting into "The Zone" is only possible when

your mind is not getting in the way.


Ben works with clients in Santa Rosa and the SF Bay Area, and also does sessions via Phone and Skype.


Call Now to Schedule a Free introductory consultation to see if Ben is the right practitioner for you. 707-326-5566.


 Benjamin Schwarcz, MA, LMFT, ACAP-EFT
(CA Lic.#mfc35606)

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