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Certified Advanced Practitioner of Gold Standard EFT

Betsy Muller, MBA, CEHP, ACAP-EFT

The Indigo Connection LLC

General Practice, Specializing in:

  • Grief/Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Physical Issues

Contact Info:

20771 Westminster Drive Strongsville, OH, US 44149

Website Telephone

4402384731Timezone: America/New York

A practical, positive mentor

Are you seeking a breakthrough?  Need a shortcut to easily and quickly CREATE a more balanced, prosperous, connected and joyful life? 

Do you love learning practical tips to up your game?

Have you ever felt low, defeated or wish you had more confidence?

Are you haunted by something from the past that keeps you from being true to yourself today?

My specialties include grief, physical symptoms, creativity, spirituality, managing stress, finding purpose, easing depression, holistic business management, and aging gracefully.  I find that all of these topics tend to be related.  I am really here to help each person find a way to express who they are, why they are here and to fulfill their life purpose. The alignment of energy possible through Gold Standard EFT allows the awareness, acceptance and adjustments needed to get people on their true path.

Clients tell me they love that I have a practical business background as well as high curiosity and a genuine interest in helping people find the origin of their discomfort so that they can claim more joy and clarity.   I have been practicing EFT regularly since July 2001,  conducting over 3500 private client sessions since 2005.  I believe that Gold Standard EFT offers an optimal and lasting approach.

I offer a free consultation by phone or zoom video call.  This allows you to share what you are seeking and also permits me to know if I am the most suitable resource for you.  I make sure your needs are within my area of expertise and may refer you to other practitioners or suggest additional resources.  Whether we end up working together or not, you will come away from the consultation with information about EFT, positive ideas and a few more answers.



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