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The EFT Basic Recipe is the tool we use in the EFT process to realign the energy disruptions that hold emotional issues in place. It's a small part of a larger process, but on its own, it can provide encouraging, natural relief on symptoms and surface issues. It's easy to learn and apply, and can be reapplied anytime symptoms reoccur.



Start with the videos below!

  • Learn the EFT Basic Recipe - Tapping points, the basic language structure, choosing a good target, and measuring progress.
  • Get the Tapping Diagram - Find the link, then print the page, add the page to your favorites, or download the PDF for a handy EFT Basic Recipe reference.
  • Tap Along - There are two tap along videos for the Constricted Breathing Technique that you can use for deeper breaths and wonderful new levels of relaxation.
  • Learn the Optional Tapping Points - There are a few extra points that we use in the demo videos that you may want to know as well.
  • Constricted Breathing Technique - Take a few minutes to learn the official instructions for this remarkably easy and useful tool, then try it out with your clients!

Remember, this is only the beginning. To learn more about finding emotional freedom with EFT, visit the Training section of the website.


EFT Basic Recipe



EFT Basic Recipe Tapping Diagram 


Tap Along Videos




Optional Tapping Points



EFT Optional Tapping Points Diagram


More about Constricted Breathing Technique

Professionals can use this approach as a simple way to introduce EFT to clients, or as a regular practice for greater relaxation.



Constricted Breathing Technique Quick Reference