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Mastering the EFT Mechanics

The most powerful EFT is not about the language.

In fact, if you know how to navigate through an issue and pick effective targets for your tapping rounds, the language should be simple and quite obvious.

Expanding the language can be useful as part of a masterful set of EFT skills, as the Founder so playfully demonstrates on his own videos, but it has been misinterpreted as the only way to get better results. It's a popular variation, but not the most powerful way to go.

If tapping points and simple language aren’t delivering the results you want, then the issues behind the problem are more complex. This professional strength version of EFT was developed in part by mentoring mental health professionals and exploring how far EFT can really go. In helping the people who really need a transformation to move forward, it’s the mechanics of EFT that have provided all the power. Language is clearly a prominent tool, but it is far more powerful when you know how to use it, combine it with all the other EFT skills, and apply it to the most effective targets.

Gold Standard EFT is a methodical version of EFT, focused on masterful mechanics and intended for deeper, more complex issues. The practitioners featured here have all been thoroughly trained and evaluated for quality and skill. Compared to other versions, here are some of the skills you will find with these professionals. .

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