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EFT DIY CourseEFT is a revolutionary healing tool, giving you the power to blow through the barriers and take control of your life. Whether you need to kick an outdated habit or heal a longer term issue, EFT often works where nothing else will, and you can apply the basics on your own. 

Just like anything, EFT has different layers of skill, from the basics that you can learn for free and apply yourself, to the extremely powerful, professional strength skills that you can find with a well-trained practitioner. The difference is like installing a new light fixture in your living room with the help of a YouTube video, compared to hiring a licensed electrician to re-wire your whole house.  There are skills and safety procedures in licensed electrical work that you probably can't learn without formal training, and the same is true with emotional issues. 

So how far can you get on your own, without the professional training and years of experience? That will depend on how complex the issues are. All it takes is a little common sense. The easier the issues, the easier it is to get fast results with basic tools. To determine how far the EFT basics are likely to get you on your own, let's consider:

  • The duration of the problem: How long have you been in this pattern? How long have you had the discomfort?
  • The severity of your current issue: How strong is the block? How much discomfort are you in? 
  • The potential source or cause of the issue: Was this issue the result of a simple change of circumstances, or does it have roots in a more complicated childhood?  

If it's a short term problem with moderate discomfort and your background has been healthy and productive, then the EFT Basic Recipe may be all you need.

If the duration, discomfort, or source of the issue are presenting more of a challenge, then learning how to dig deeper and having a professional mentor by your side might just make the difference between temporary results and complete resolution. Part of the EFT magic is that it will peel layers away from the issue as you go, revealing clues about the underlying causes, like a road map showing you where to go next. It's an amazing feature, but without an objective perspective about your own process, it can sometimes be a challenge to interpret. Working with a mentor will ensure that you don't miss anything.

If you know the issues run deep, or you have tried EFT on your own and haven't been able to reach complete resolution, then doing sessions with a trained professional is probably the fastest way to find the freedom you need. However, applying EFT on your own is always worth a try, especially with an experienced mentor by your side, because you never know when a miraculous solution is possible. Even if your issues are more challenging, you may still be able to find symptom relief or new insights just by trying the basics.


EFT DIY Course

The EFT DIY Course will get you started with the basics, but it doesn't end there. From the surface, we'll follow the road map as it reveals itself, and work our way down to the source of your issue. You'll be learning new tools as we go, and doing exercises to apply each one. We'll connect on coaching calls to answer your questions, interpret your insights, and customize the approaches to your unique process. When we're done, you'll have a variety of EFT tools to use on any issue, and enough experience to get results.

If you have tried EFT on your own and haven't found the results you wanted, or you just prefer a little more mastery in your learning process, then consider the EFT DIY Course.  You still get all the power of doing it yourself combined with the experience of a professional to guide you.

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