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Finally, demonstrate the skills!

This powerful one-on-one coaching step will further enhance your Practitioner skill and maximize results in your practice. My goal in certification is to make sure you have proficiency with the skills and are well-prepared to serve your clients with the best EFT can offer. This final step allows me the opportunity to see exactly what you have taken from the course, and provide both praise and additional instruction for best results. It's a more accurate form of communication that goes beyond what we can learn in theoretical discussion or even on coaching calls. Remember, you have already done at least 50 sessions just like the one I am asking to see, so we're usually just filling in details here. You'll be surprised how much difference they can make!

Submit Sessions on Video

Conduct a complete EFT session on video for review and feedback, according to specific instructions that will be provided to you.

Instructions for the session include:

  • Deliver a basic explanation of EFT
  • Proper qualification of a specific event
  • Effective use of Tell the Story Technique to clear the event
  • Appropriate testing methods to confirm results.

Session will be reviewed and individualized feedback provided with praise and requests for improvement in specified areas.

Additional videos will be submitted for review and feedback, demonstrating improved skills, until the criteria for completion has been met.

Minimum three sessions are required using at least one client. Most candidates complete in three sessions, maximum has been five.

Questions on feedback are welcome at any time, and you can take as much time as you need to practice new skills between video submissions.

Written Submission

Submit written answers to seven questions about the Gold Standard EFT process at this level. Feedback and clarification will be provided in writing with the invitation to seek additional clarification where necessary.

Fees, Payment, and Logistics

All consultations are conducted by Tina Craig, Program Director. 

Consultation fees are $125 per hour.

Each video review will be charged for the length of the video plus the time it takes to prepare feedback on the session (note: videos should not be edited in any way).

Total charges for each video review average between 1.5 - 2.5 hours.

Before sending your first video for review you will add a minimum of $300 to a consultation account. We will add and subtract to that balance as we move through the process, and close the account once the final balance has been paid.

Videos can be sent via Dropbox, Hightail, Google, or any other video transfer service that provides security and privacy for the video.

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