TINA CRAIGEFT Master Practitioner and Trainer
Co-Author, Gold Standard EFT Tutorial

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Practice the skills!

This step is all about practice, support and developing your skills. You will put our workhorse tool, Tell the Story Technique, to use in your practice, get helpful feedback on the coaching calls, and study supporting material to develop professional skills in Gold Standard EFT. When applied to clients with complicated backgrounds, the need for additional skill is obvious, so we use this opportunity to build the foundation for the Advanced Level.

  • Gold Standard EFT Treatment Plan
  • Getting the most out of Tell the Story Technique
  • Navigating through common challenges
  • Finding and qualifying Specific Events               
  • Introducing EFT to your Clients
  • Minimizing emotional pain
  • Containment skills
  • Abreaction procedure
  • Evaluating results
  • ​Incorporating Surface Tools and client homework with deeper work​      


Attend Five Coaching Calls

Coaching calls are held monthly and scheduled to reasonably accommodate current participants in a variety of time zones.

Accumulate Practice Hours

Before each coaching call, clear an average of 10 events with clients using Tell the Story Technique for a total of 50 for course completion. Document and submit events cleared on the forms provided.

Study Written Material in Workbook/Study Guide

Between calls, refer to written material provided for support on common challenges in real time practice. Calls will naturally include discussion of these topics, and your participation will reveal your general command of the material. 


Completion requires attendance and participation on five group coaching calls, reasonable command of written material, and a total of 50 events cleared with Tell the Story Technique, documented and submitted on the forms provided.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion once this course is complete.

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