TINA CRAIGEFT Master Practitioner and Trainer
Co-Author, Gold Standard EFT Tutorial

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The quality of your training is my highest priority. As you learn the broader concepts of Gold Standard EFT philosophy, it is important to have some experience with what I call the North Star.

Like the actual North Star, I want you to have one solid point to aim for at any time. That solid point is represented by ideal sessions with ideal clients. If you can find some healthy clients who will allow you to clear a few events for them, you can see how the process works without added complications - when the client can focus on one event, when the crescendos fall to zero in a few rounds, when other issues don’t cloud the water, and when the client spontaneously verbalizes a beautiful cognitive shift once the event is clear.

Emotional issues can be slippery and the more compromised the clients are the more disorganized the process becomes. When you find yourself in a disorganized situation, your response might be to pull your more familiar tools or training out of your bag in order to get through it. The result is an integrated variation of EFT rather than a pure execution.

If you have established a good North Star, you can make EFT based decisions instead that head you in the best direction.